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Spring 2016

The new utility room has gone up ,and we have finished fitting it out, so a little time can be given to updating the blog.

Spring this year in the East of England proved to be cold and wet in the main, and consequently late. Today on June 4th the sun has finally made a decent showing. Much of this aspect of the late spring is being reflected during the first week of the presentation of BBC’s Springwatch, currently running at the RSPB nature reserve at Minsmere.

Now in one day temperatures have risen from around ten degrees centigrade to over twenty, despite the breeze being still from the north. However as Minsmere is an all year round place of interest, recent guests have been able to enjoy seeing the wildlife there, even on inclement days.

Closer to home there is the local wildlife around Bantry, and in the garden itself. Sightings of both Muntjac and Roe deer are getting more frequent. This spring we seem to be observing more hares than in recent years, including one that pays a visit to the back lawn most evenings. The blue tit box pictured above in the banner, has finally gained residents. The young hatched some three days ago, so that it is ‘all beaks to the pumps’, fetching food for the avaricious brood.

Early in May we made a special trip to Chippenhall Green about ten miles north of here, to see the orchids. Chippenhall is just about the best place in the UK, to see large numbers of Green Winged orchids. We were not disappointed. See: – Webpage
With the temperatures now distinctly higher here’s hoping that summer is on its way.

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