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Spring 2016

The new utility room has gone up ,and we have finished fitting it out, so a little time can be given to updating the blog.

Spring this year in the East of England proved to be cold and wet in the main, and consequently late. Today on June 4th the sun has finally made a decent showing. Much of this aspect of the late spring is being reflected during the first week of the presentation of BBC’s Springwatch, currently running at the RSPB nature reserve at Minsmere.

Now in one day temperatures have risen from around ten degrees centigrade to over twenty, despite the breeze being still from the north. However as Minsmere is an all year round place of interest, recent guests have been able to enjoy seeing the wildlife there, even on inclement days.

Closer to home there is the local wildlife around Bantry, and in the garden itself. Sightings of both Muntjac and Roe deer are getting more frequent. This spring we seem to be observing more hares than in recent years, including one that pays a visit to the back lawn most evenings. The blue tit box pictured above in the banner, has finally gained residents. The young hatched some three days ago, so that it is ‘all beaks to the pumps’, fetching food for the avaricious brood.

Early in May we made a special trip to Chippenhall Green about ten miles north of here, to see the orchids. Chippenhall is just about the best place in the UK, to see large numbers of Green Winged orchids. We were not disappointed. See: – Webpage
With the temperatures now distinctly higher here’s hoping that summer is on its way.


Busy times: – As well as our normal B&B activities we have been heavily involved in the building of a utility room at the rear of the main house. This has kept the blog at bay for a little while.

Lots of new and interesting visitors, but also good to see so many old friends again this year.

Early on we noticed quite a trend of visitors arriving as a result of having followed ‘Springwatch’ from Minsmere, and going to see the reserve for themselves. Until recently we have in the main, enjoyed dry summer weather, which always helps make a visit to this part of the world the more pleasurable. Unfortunately harvest time has turned out rather wet, but let’s hope there is something of an Indian summer to come.

At Framlingham Castle English Heritage have been running a range of interesting well attended events throughout the summer. One of these was entitled ‘Knights and Princesses‘. See pictured below ‘the princess‘ who stayed with us. She is dressed up for the part during her role at the castle.

ZDSC_2334 small ZDSC_2336 Detectorists ZDSC_2341 Princess small







Many of you will have watched ‘The Detectorists‘ on television last autumn. As a result of its success a second series has been commissioned, which was filmed in Framlingham during August, and it will be screened this coming autumn. The picture shows a scene being shot at St. Michael’s rooms next to the church, along with a photo of the market in the square in Framlingham.



Spring Jaunt – After two days of stormy weather, we decided to take a short ride out, and leave all jobs until later, in order to enjoy the sunshine.

It makes a good picturesque journey if one takes the scenic route to Debenham, via Brandeston and Cretingham, and then into the village past Thorpe Hall.

The clear light set off the detail of the beautiful countryside. Snowdrops are over now, but plenty of daffodils – some growing wild. Also primroses are now at their best, with cowslips starting to open up. No leaves yet, so the trees show off their winter shape still. The black branches silhouetting against the clear blue sky. Brandeston and Debenham churchyards each have their own rookeries, which are very lively right now.

For me the best thing about Debenham is the architecture of the buildings. Whether new or old no two houses are the same. (see sample photos).

ZDSC_2137_small      ZDSC_2141_small






The village street has houses set back, behind a wide grassy verge on the slope down to the shops. A very attractive place to live, with enough shops to supply most household needs, as well as some antique and craft outlets.

We returned via Kenton past the orchards where you can buy apples and bottled juice at the gate.

Now back to the chores, which hadn’t gone away. I could recommend the trip to anyone wanting to get a flavour of rural Suffolk hereabouts, not just in the spring but throughout the year.




After a really picturesque autumn, where the colourful foliage persisted, as a result of few windy days and generally mild weather, which lasted all the way up until Christmas through to New Year, I took the camera out with me, when some twitcher friends came to visit at the years end.

Our day started along from Snape Maltings on the south bank of the river Alde at Iken Cliffs. The estuaries are always good value during the winter months (best to leave the inland bridleways and woodlands for the summer time). We were not to be disappointed! Amongst the various species of birds on the mud flats and small islands, there was a good showing of Avocets as well as a Marsh Harrier putting in an appearance, as it circled over the reed beds and estuary.

To finish off the morning ….picnic…. with home made soup, quiche and sausage rolls, followed by mince pies…. yum.

 Alde estuary at SnapeReedbedsOrford sunset






We set off for Orford down the narrow coastal road. Just past Sudbourne there is a track, leading on to the expanse of grassland marshes, going out to the sea. In the distance the Orford radio masts and lighthouse can be seen. Feeding on the marshes were flocks of geese and godwits.

As the light was starting to fade it was time to round off the day with a quick trip to Orford Quay, where the sun was setting. Finally called in on the Orford basket shop and then headed home. All in all a great day out.




After a busy summer we are now in one of my favourite times of the year.

Harvest is now in and the land cultivations are in full swing with next years crops being sown. Also the sugar beet harvest is well underway.


The pictures show harrowing and wheat drilling taking place, followed by the shot of the self propelled beet harvester gobbling up the fields last few sugar beets, with also a photo of the beet being loaded on to the waiting lorry.

The countryside is rich with colours of the leaves and berries as autumn advances.


Spindle berries in Pound Wood near Framlingham and Dennington village post box set in colourful beech hedge.



Since the new web site was launched, Framlingham has been visited by the film crew making scenes for ‘The Detectionists’; written and directed by Mackenzie Crook (Of ‘The Office’ fame). This comedy programme will be broadcast on BBC4 sometime in the Autumn – something to look out for with local interest!

Also Parham Airfield Museum commemorated the occasion of it being 100yrs since the outbreak of WW1. You can get more information of this really interesting museum, run by volunteers at www.parhamairfieldmuseum.co.uk

ZDSC_1618_small          ZDSC_1617_small

Suffolk is much about arable farming and the harvest is now getting into full swing, blessed for the main part by fine weather. Looking ahead The Snape Proms runs throughout the month of August. Also as ever providing a good day out will be The Henham Steam Rally on Sept 20th and 21st.

Website Launched


Today we launched our new web site.

We hope you like what you see and find it informative. From the copy and the pictures it should give a more detailed impression of what we offer.

Thanks go to Matt Porter at Matt Porter Web Designs for the delivery of the end product , and in helping us down to the fine detail in achieving our aims for the site.

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